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Produsen Stabilizer,Slide Regulator,Ups,Trafo Distribusi,Capasitor,Cubicle dll
Special for Honda Tiger

Kami adalah Produsen AVR ( Automatic Voltage Regulator ) MATSUYAMA, kelebihan produk kami antara lain :
- Servo Motor Control System
- Cooling System
- Automatic Cut Off
- Auto Wind Back System

Tersedia mulai dari Kapasitas 500 VA – 2000 KVA,
Garansi 3 tahun* untuk Sparepart & Service,
Harga dengan Discount menarik

Gratis :
- Survey untuk mengetahui kapasitas AVR yang di butuhkan (Se-JABODETABEK).
- Pemasangan di tempat (Se-JABODETABEK).
- OHM Saklar.
- Kabel Twisted 5 Meter.
- Rak Siku.

Kami juga menyediakan :
- UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply).
- Auto Transformer Step Up & Down.
- Distribution Transformer. ( MEGA INDO / CENTRADO )
- Insulation Transformer.
- Slide Regulator.
- Power Transformer.
- Starting Transformer.
- Direct Current Transformer.
- Recondition (Oil Filling).
- Main Distribution Board & Main Switch Board.
- Capacitor Bank Panel (Power Corrections).
- Cubicle / Switch Gear Panels.
- Sewa Transformer.
- Sewa Cubicle.
- Maintenance Service.


Telepon : (021) 9305 0588
Mobile : 0856 1031 667
0812 1031 4405

E-mail : edy_matsuyama@yahoo.com
Web Sites :

Nama: Putra

Phone: 081210314405

Email: edy_matsuyama@yahoo.com


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Elenco Electronics CAPK-150DEL 150 Capacitor Component Kit in Plastic Case
Home Improvement (Elenco - THI)
  • Handy set of 31 capacitors of commonly used mixed values and types
  • Insure that you have that capacitor you need for your projects
  • Set includes: 12 values - Ceramic Disc - 60 pieces from 2.2pF to .001uF
  • Neatly packed in a Deluxe plastic storage case with 12 dividers
  • For more than 30 years Elenco has been producing reliable as well as affordable electronic test equipment, tools, and educational kits

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2011-12-13 15:12:52 by deckhand

Based fuels....
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In quantum field theory, the Casimir effect and the Casimir–Polder... purely due to second quantization.[3][4] However, the treatment of boundary conditions in these calculations has led to some controversy. In fact "Casimir's original goal was to compute the van der Waals force between polarizable molecules" of the metallic plates. Thus it can be interpreted without any reference to the zero-point energy (vacuum energy) or virtual particles of quantum fields.[5]

An elec. Mini - 640bhp & no mechanical brakes.

2007-03-30 20:41:11 by nonukesguy

The car, dubbed the Mini QED, has been designed to run for four hours of combined urban/extra urban driving, powered only by a battery and bank of ultra capacitors. For longer journeys at higher speeds, a small conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) is used to re-charge the battery. In this hybrid mode, fuel economies of up to 80mpg can be achieved.

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ABB Capacitor Banks - Capacitors and Filters (High Voltage Products)

Shunt Banks. Shunt capacitors save money by releasing system capacity, reducing power losses, improving voltage conditions and.

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  • Avatar Music_lover Can anyone explain to me how a capacitor works in a washing machine?
    May 19, 2009 by Music_lover | Posted in Engineering

    Can anyone explain it to me in a simple but detailed way? What type of capacitors are used in them?

    • Capacitors serve several role.1-As a motor control element in the START cycle.2-As an simple timing circuit element.The key to understanding about what is does is to know that capacitors "hold" (charge electricity) and release electricity(discharge) electricity.

  • Avatar Purple Moogle Could someone explain how a capacitor works?
    Nov 26, 2006 by Purple Moogle | Posted in Other - Electronics

    Am I right in thinking that a capacitor absorbs charge until it is full and then releases it into the circuit (assuming a circuit is available)? Does the stored charge expire if not released after certain amount of time?

    • Think of a capacitor as a special kind if rechargable battery. It absorbs charge until full, and stores it until the circuit releases it. It can do this over and over again. The charge will eventually leak away if not used, but this can take a long time. This is why you should not open the back of a TV, even when unplugged, because it contains big capacitors which can give you a nasty shock if you touch them.

  • Avatar Lemon Pirate Could someone explain really basically how a capacitor works (the charging and discharging)?
    Apr 05, 2010 by Lemon Pirate | Posted in Physics

    Especially how it charges and what you do to get it to discharge once its charged.

    • To get it charged all you need to do is connect it to a (nearly) constant voltage source, such as a battery. After infinite time, it will fully charge. After an amount of time equal to 5*R*C, where C is the capacitance an …nnect a resistor across its terminals. It will then dissipate its stored energy as thermal energy in said resistor. After an amount of time equal to 5*R*C, it will be 99% discharged. You can never get it fully discharged.