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Panel Capacitor Bank / Automatic Power Factor

PLN akan membebankan biaya kelebihan pemakaian KVARH pada pelanggan, jika rata-rata factor dayanya (Cos phi) kurang dari 0.85. Disinilah fungsi dari Pemasangan Panel Capacitor Bank yaitu Untuk memperbaiki factor daya (Cos phi) sehingga biaya denda akibat kelebihan pemakaian KVARH dapat diminimalkan / dihilangkan.

Selain itu fungsi lain dari pemasangan Panel capacitor Bank :Menghilangkan Denda / Kelebihan Biaya (kVARh)
  • Menghindari kelebihan beban transformer / trafo over load
  • Menghindari kenaikan Arus / Suhu pada kabel,
  • Memaksimalkan Pemakaian Daya yang terpasang (kVA),
  • Menghindari voltage drop pada Line end,
  • Meningkatkan kualitas sumber daya listrik,
  • Memelihara peralatan / perangkat electric yang terpasang.
Hubungi kami jika anda memerlukan capacitor bank.

Source: Aneka Teknik Listrik - Electrical, by ATC Automation

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    Im repairing some speakers and the high pass filter for the tweeter has blown. It is a simple first order high pass filter so it just consists of a simple capacitor. The old capacitor rating is 1.8uf and 50volts. Im go …only find information about the farad value and their relation to the frequency you want the high pass filter to start working at. Nothing about the voltage rating of the capacitor and its effect on the high pass filter.

    • It depends on the signal you are applying to the cap. A lot of circuits are over-engineered but if you are not sure about the signal at all times including power-up and power-down, then stick with the voltage rating on th …acitor, only its survival in the circuit. Put too much voltage on a capacitor and it will eventually arc internally and most likely change the capacitance of the device. This can happen if your amp overdrives the speaker.

  • Avatar What filter capacitor should I use to filter FWR 24vdc?
    May 31, 2012 by | Posted in Other - Electronics

    I have a power supply for an alarm system that outputs unfiltered 24 volts dc to the circuit. the circuit is rated at 1.5 amps. What kind of filter capacitor should I use? Thanks

    • Unfiltered 24 vdc will rise to 34 vdc when filtered and unloaded. you should use a 50 wvdc rated capacitor for best life. the size to use depends on how much ripple you can accept on the load device. if you don't have any …and see if that works. a 10000 uF cap will draw a lot of start up current and may pop a fuse or a diode. an alarm system shouldn't be too sensitive to ripple and most likely has internal filters on the sensitive circuits.