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Electronics would be the branch of physics, engineering and technologies dealing with electrical circuits that involve active electrical elements for example vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, and linked passive interconnection technologies. The nonlinear behaviour of active elements and their capability to manage electron flows makes amplification of weak signals obat mendengkur attainable and is generally applied to facts and signal processing. Similarly, the capability of electronic devices to act as switches makes digital facts processing attainable. Interconnection technologies for example circuit boards, electronics packaging technologies, along with other varied forms of communication infrastructure full circuit functionality and transform the mixed elements into a working process.

Electronics is distinct from electrical and electro-mechanical science and technologies, which deals with all the generation, distribution, switching, storage and conversion of electrical power to and from other power forms making use of wires, motors, generators, batteries, switches, relays, transformers, resistors along with other passive elements. This distinction began about 1906 with all the invention by Lee De Forest of the triode, which

Source: meccabrowser.com

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(Part 3 of 4) of the repair of 1938 RCA 810K. I meant to say the heat shrink tubing is good to I think 600 volts, not 600 degrees. It comes in all
Antique Radio Repair Part 3
prospects contain a list of electrical parts for ordering , such as: transistors, diodes, varicaps, vacuum tubes, resistors, capacitors
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6vac@3-watts or 500mA just like a hub or bottle

2008-12-26 19:58:56 by blagh

Dynamos. Bottom bracket dynamos cost a little more than bottle types but they are worth the extra cost. You really only need a bridge rectifier between a bottle or BB type dynamos due to the high speeds involved. Hub dynamos do need capacitors to keep flashing to a minimum due to there slower rotational speed. Here is a photo of a small bridge rectifier in the back of one of my bamboo headlights...rc="/img/dsc00129t1230349632.jpg" width="210" height="157" align="right">
It cost $1.59 at Radio Shack.
There is only one + sign over one lead. That lead hooks to the positive lead of the LED and the lead opposite hooks to the negative lead. The other two leads are AC in and it makes no difference which way there connected to the dynamo. Here is the link to Martins dynamo page.

Radio Shack lost their way when they stopped

2009-09-29 10:26:36 by selling-electronic-parts

And supplies.
Radio Shack; You got questions? We got dumb looks.
Customer; I need a flux capacitor.
Radio Shack associate; you'll need to order Flux Capacitor">Flux Capacitors
From radioshack.com

Electromagnetic noise scavenged for power

2011-07-08 11:14:09 by ChkrdDemon

Scavenging ambient electromagnetic energy to power small electronic devices
Manos Tentzeris, a professor in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and his team used inkjet printing technology to combine sensors, antennas and energy scavenging capabilities on paper or flexible polymers. Presently, the team's scavenging technology can take advantage of frequencies fr...ices capture this energy, convert it from AC to DC, and then store it in capacitors and batteries.
"There is a large amount of electromagnetic energy all around us, but nobody has been able to tap into it," said Tentzeris. "We are using an ultra-wideband antenna that lets us exploit a variety of signals in different frequency ranges, giving us greatly increased power-gathering capability."

So the engineering light had already switched on

2009-08-24 11:00:29 by Loku_v7

For you.
Leaving aside the question of pot.
Looking back at family, friends, acquaintences, my own life...
I've come to see that one of the best things that can happen to a person
is for them to find their "calling" -- the thing that fires them, the work that is in many ways indistinguishable from play.
I can still remember when my brother got "the call". He was 7 y...tors. At 14 years old, he was already working in a local store, fixing TV sets.
My girlfriend's son is very bright, but completely bored with schools that don't even begin to challenge him. She's worried because he just got busted for pot... again.
I tell her: the most important thing is to find something that fires his imagination. Once a kid finds that, he/she is on the royal road.

KEMET Launches New Series of High Energy Tantalum Capacitors  — Azom.com
KEMET, a manufacturer of ceramic, tantalum, film, aluminum, electrolytic and paper capacitors has launched a new series of high energy polymer tantalum capacitors labeled as the T545 series. The surface mount capacitors are ideal for application in GPS …

Incidents Caused by Degraded Capacitors Prompt NRC Notice to Nuclear Plants  — Nuclear Street - Nuclear Power Portal
Regulators on Monday encouraged U.S. nuclear plants to review their replacement schedules for capacitors, outlining problems that degraded material within them have caused at a number of reactors in recent years. While not mentioned in the Nuclear …

Home News National USAID starts installing low tension capacitors on …  — Associated Press of Pakistan
Home arrow News arrow National arrow USAID starts installing low tension capacitors on irrigation tube wells. Today is,. Thursday, 02 August 2012. Home | About Us | News | User Login | Tenders | Contact Us. Main Menu. Home · Photos at China Radio …

This is my 1938 Zenith 6-S-254 console radio chassis that I bought in Kutztown PA. I replaced the two electrolytics, the output tube capacitor
1938 Zenith Radio
a microcontroller or digital circuity--just capacitors, resistors, and the occasional IC, like in a simple radio. This was finished over the
Magnetic Cello V.4.1 Demo
of noise, oscillations, back-coupling, motor boating sounds etc. The easiest way is to use a resistor and a capacitor in the showed circuitry. By
decoupling in audio amplifiers

WIMA SMD-PPS Capacitors

SMD Film Capacitors with Box Encapsulation. Special Features. Size codes 1812, 2220, 2824, 4030, 5040 and. 6054 with PPS and encapsulated.

This is a Philco radio chassis from a nice art deco console radio I have been working on lately from 1941. It has AM and two shortwave bands, one
Philco Model 41-280 Radio Chassis, 1941
Four Tube Superheterodyne Radio Kit A new limited edition kit will be available in January 2012. Build your very own superheterodyne radio. Simple
Four Tube Superheterodyne Radio Kit (Limited Edition) www.vcomp.co.uk & www.6v6.co.uk
Before everything goes digital, Im going to show you how to make your OWN functional Speaker capable SW Radio in less than 5 minutes! Just
DIY Radio in less than 5 minutes!

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  • Avatar funnypun How do capacitors filter out different radio stations?
    Jun 26, 2008 by funnypun | Posted in Engineering

    And how do you know what capacitance filters you need to filter out different frequencies? and why does this work?

    • The traditional way to select a station is to use a capacitor and inductor (coil) in a parallel or serial circuit. Because of the effect of the capacitor and inductor on the phase of the radio signal, there is a certain f …ctor), the tuned frequency is the one where the reactance of the two components is the same, which is at 1/(2pi√LC), where L is the inductance and C is the capacitance. For more info, search for "tuned circuit."