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Perbedaan fisik dari ketiga Pertama tama Kita lepas dulu tarikan untuk menggerakkan gerbox sehingga kipas angin bisa menoleh kekanan kiri, kemudian kita lepas penutup mesin dengan melepas baut yang ada di belakang atau bila jenis penutupnya tanpa baut itu berarti menggunakan sistim klip yang mengunci penutup kumparan dengan penutup depan atau yang lebih sering di sebut kedok kipas angin.
setelah penutup kumparan lepas, kita bisa lihat ada kapasitor yang berwarna hitam dengan 2 kabel. Kita potong saja kabel tersebut lalu sambung kabel tersebut dengan kapasitor yang baru. Bila memang kapasitornya yang rusak maka seharusnya kipas angin tersebut sudah bisa berputar dengan kencang.
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Source: Tempat Belajar Reparasi Sendiri

Amico Amico AC 450V 16uF Motor Start Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Car Audio or Theater (Amico)
  • Product Name : Motor Start Capacitor;Model : CBB60;Material(External) : Plastic
  • Rated Capacitance : 16uF;Tolerance : 5%;Rated Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Rated Voltage : AC 450V;Size(Approx) : 3.6 x 7.2cm / 1.4" x 2.8" (D*H)
  • Cable Length : 16cm / 6.3";Color : Black
  • Weight : 131g;Package Content : 1 x Motor Start Capacitor

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Utopian - Casablanca Fan Repair

Capacitor- 5 uf 250w Vac (WQL) (Start Cap) Use 1906790 when depleted. 1906730. 308, 330. Capacitor- 5 uf 300w Vac (Start Cap). 1906790. 308, 330. Casablanca.

Estrada - Casablanca Fan Repair

Casablanca may make changes in the design or specification of any product at any.
308, 330. Capacitor, 1/2w / 330k 5uf 250v 50/60 Hz (Run Cap). 1906740.

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  • Avatar bobthejazzer When current is applied to a Capacitor what exactly happens & how does the discharge work?
    Mar 18, 2008 by bobthejazzer | Posted in Physics

    This would be with smaller PCB Type capacitors. I've just never understood, for example: if you apply voltage to a capacitor and if fills up within x amount of time, does it discharge fully and then recharge again, creating a pulse, or does it let the current flow while still charging?

    • When you apply a d.c. voltage to a capacitor it gets charged until the charge reaches its steady state value of Q=CV, where C is the capacitance and V is the voltage. How long that takes depends on other elements in the c …ns in current. For a complete description, which is most interesting and beautifully done, I suggest The Feynman Lectures in Physics, Vol II, by Feynman, Leighton, and Sands. I forgot the page number, but you can find it.

  • Avatar How Capacitor discharge ignition in motorcycle works (CDI)? pics?
    Jun 05, 2011 by | Posted in Motorcycles

    Show how the cdi in motorcycle works, its intake on what line, out on what wire, etc.

    • It is all under the magneto. So you need a pulley puller to get that off. And is pretty simple as it is one wire. Same as a capacitor in a distributor of a car.(that has ignition points)