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Komponen resistor memiliki dua kutub, Tegangan yang dihasilkan oleh resistor berbanding dengan arus listrik yang melalui resistor tersebut sesuai dengan hukum Ohm: V = I . R Resistor merupakan elemen dalam suatu jaringan listrik dan rangkaian elektronik, resistor banyak digunakan pada sebagian besar peralatan elektronik. Praktis resistor dapat dibuat dari berbagai senyawa dan film, serta resistensi kawat (kawat terbuat dari paduan Resistivitas tinggi, seperti nikel / krom). Karakteristik utama dari sebuah resistor adalah resistensi, toleransi, tegangan kerja maksimum dan besarnya daya. Karakteristik lainnya meliputi koefisien temperatur, noise dan induktansi. Resistor dapat diintegrasikan ke dalam sirkuit terintegrasi (integrated circuits) atau yang biasa disebut dengan IC. Ukuran resistor secara fisik harus cukup besar, hal ini dibutuhkan pada saat membuang energi panas yang melewatinya.

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Might be easiest to sell it as is

2002-08-15 12:34:41 by merz

For best offer to an individual, not a shop. A shop will shaft you for resale price and the whole sale on that plus the labor/ parts to fix.
It sounds like a reasonable easy fix. The parallelogram part throws me as I have not seen this occur, but what you describe can be fixed on certain % of monitors by double checking all the connections including cold solder joints and recalibrating the...there'll be great suggestions.
Here in the south bay, there are a few cool people that might estimate and fix for like $40. Then it'd be worth fixing and selling as a used product. But if the shop charges you $150 for the repair, then it'd be cheaper to sell as is.
Maybe the solution is for someone to post a shop in SF that does free estimates on Macs. I don't have that in my noodle.

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Utopian - Casablanca Fan Repair

Capacitor- 5 uf 250w Vac (WQL) (Start Cap) Use 1906790 when depleted. 1906730. 308, 330. Capacitor- 5 uf 300w Vac (Start Cap). 1906790. 308, 330. Casablanca.

Estrada - Casablanca Fan Repair

Casablanca may make changes in the design or specification of any product at any.
308, 330. Capacitor, 1/2w / 330k 5uf 250v 50/60 Hz (Run Cap). 1906740.

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  • Avatar aceswildbasketball Is possible to put 2- 12" kicker subs, an amp& capacitor UNDER the back seat in a chevy avalanche?
    Apr 24, 2008 by aceswildbasketball | Posted in Car Audio

    I have 2-12" kicker l5s, an amp and capacitor now and I am getting ready to buy an Avalance. I do not want to keep the 12" subs if the only solution is to put them behind the "fold down" seat. Because I will be needing the extra bed-space the Avalanche offers. Thanks for your help

    • Yes it is possible they make custom fit boxes or you can just build a shallow one or buy one if you cannot make a custom or shallow box yourself, i have two 12's under the back seat of my silverado extended cab, not crew cab.with the amp and capacitor under the drivers seat, everything fits fine with no modification to any seat.